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Monday, May 23, 2011

Ways to minimize road accidents in Malaysia

According to the World Health Organization, more than a million people are kill on the world's road each year. The authority was handle many programmes to reducing the number of accident, so every person must take the responsibility and come together to solve it.

First step all the driver and padestrian must concern about the carefully on the road. Everyone should begin the safety awareness from childhood because that very important to everyone know it. For all the driver vehicles, should make sure that they all know about road traffic safety like , keep 15-20 meters gap from the vehicle ahead, adjust the side mirror, wear the selt belt and others. Beside that, all the driver must concentrate when driving and don't talking on the phone while driving.

Second, for the padestrian, they all should be aware while on the road because every year the padestrian death and injuries also higher. So, all the padestrian must walking in safe place like the foothpath and always keep an eye on the road. Futhermore, when the padestrian want to crossing the street they should look both way and cross on the zebra crossing to make sure the safety while crossing road. Beside that, at night padestrian good to wear light clothing to make sure the driver see you.

Third, government and police also must take the responsibility. Every year police do everything to minimize accident in Malaysia but still same. So, they must increase the traffic safety operation lenght of the year. In the other hand, goverment also must raising of lower age limit to wheeler and heavy vehicle licence to 21, give heavy penalty to who cause the accident and others. In the other, TV and other media also important to be effectively used for public safety.

Finally, the conclusion is everyone must have knowledge about road safety and work together to make sure better and safer road travel.

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