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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Superstition In The world

  • There are many superstition in the world and each cultures have the variations. superstition is credulous belief or nation. It commonly applied to belief and practices surrounding luck, propechy and spiritual beings. Some superstition are very similar from one country to another.There are many beliefs about superstitions, some are about good luck and others are about bad luck.

  • In country, Thailand, they have a lot of superstitions. There are old beliefs for almost all situations. For example, some people believe that the number 6 will bring reverse results. Especially good luck will turn into bad luck because the number 6 can be the number 9 is you turn it over. So, if you get a number 6 on your examination ID card, you might get the opposite result even though you have done well on your test. Actually, we have many superstitions for almost all situations, such as if you sing in the kitchen, you will have a very old spouse, or your ship could sink if you do not completely turn a fish over. In my opinion, the ancestors had their reasons for creating those kinds of beliefs. For instance, it's not proper for a lady to sing a song while she is cooking because she might hurt herself if she does not concentrate on cooking.

  • Besides that, In Japan, there are a lot of superstitions. First, there is a superstition about a white snake. People say if someone finds a white snake, he will be lucky in life. It's an event of good omen; it is believed that white snakes carry good luck. Actually, some people put a picture of a white snake on the wall. Second, there is one about when we sleep. We can't sleep with our heads to the north because a dead person is always buried with his head to the north. It is believed that death welcomes someone who sleeps with his head to the north. That's a bad omen. The last one is about the number four. There is a superstition that four is an unlucky number because the number four has the identical pronunciation as the word 'death', so most people tend to avoid it and most hotels don't use the number four.

  • In ancient Turkey believes If you see a spider somewhere in your home, you'll have some guests and when you see a black cat, you have to hold a part of your hair. Otherwise, you'll have bad luck. They also believe if you stand between two people whose names are the same, you should wish for something because your wish will come true and when your right hand itches, that means you'll get money from someone that you don't expect. If your left hand itches, that means you'll give someone money or you'll spend some money. If you drop food on your clothes while you're eating something, you'll have some guests that day. If something happens, there's always a result. That's what superstitions tell us. There are some superstitions from Turkey country.

  • In Taiwan also have a lot of superstition, the three of them are First, the word for the number "4" has another meaning, a very bad one. It also means "die", so no hospital has a fourth floor. Even some hotels don't use the number "4" for a room number or a floor number. Second, in Taiwan, the crow is considered a very unlucky animal. If you see a crow in the morning, it means that you will have a bad day. So, no one wants to see one because maybe some bad things will happen after you see it. Third, the color red means luck and happiness. For example, during the Chinese New Year period, they decorate everything in their house, using the red color. And, at a wedding,they also wear everything red. The bride needs to wear red shoes, and the bridegroom also needs to wear something red, such as a red tie or a red handkerchief.

  • The above mentioned are some of the country's superstitions. Aren't they interesting? I think that all country have different superstitions, depending on their cultural and environmental backgrounds.

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Monday, May 30, 2011

The Harmful Effect Of Smoking

Do you know, smoking bring to death? The substance in the cigarette can damaged system in the body. Statiscally, the research in our country show that smokers can get health problem and maybe can cause death. Usually, the disease that they can get like lung cancer, strok, aids and others. This is because, cigarette contain many poison likes tar, nicotine, drug and others.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My Unforgettable Vacation

Last year, my family and I went to holiday at Langkawi Island. We are going with train, and that is a best part for me and my family. After we arrived to Langkawi Island, many places we all go together. For me, that is very happy moment I get. Many places we are visit and every where we go, I take many picture. Beside that, I can say that holiday can make our family relationship more closer because before that everyone busy with their work. So, every year, I hope can go to holiday with my family.

The Campaign of 3R

Campaign 3R in our country is to teach all community the important to for the waste everyday. This is very important to make sure our country free from bad environment.
Recycle means activity to process old item and look if the waste item can produce new product or not. There are 3 type of dustbin was created, that is orange, chocolate and blue dustbin. All the waste will be divide to the 3 type of dustbin. The example of things are tin, glass plastic, newspaper and others. Beside that, reduce mean the amount of item that are consumed and reuse mean throwing the waste away. So, all must know about recycling and together we can make our country have a good place.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Ways to minimize road accidents in Malaysia

According to the World Health Organization, more than a million people are kill on the world's road each year. The authority was handle many programmes to reducing the number of accident, so every person must take the responsibility and come together to solve it.

First step all the driver and padestrian must concern about the carefully on the road. Everyone should begin the safety awareness from childhood because that very important to everyone know it. For all the driver vehicles, should make sure that they all know about road traffic safety like , keep 15-20 meters gap from the vehicle ahead, adjust the side mirror, wear the selt belt and others. Beside that, all the driver must concentrate when driving and don't talking on the phone while driving.

Second, for the padestrian, they all should be aware while on the road because every year the padestrian death and injuries also higher. So, all the padestrian must walking in safe place like the foothpath and always keep an eye on the road. Futhermore, when the padestrian want to crossing the street they should look both way and cross on the zebra crossing to make sure the safety while crossing road. Beside that, at night padestrian good to wear light clothing to make sure the driver see you.

Third, government and police also must take the responsibility. Every year police do everything to minimize accident in Malaysia but still same. So, they must increase the traffic safety operation lenght of the year. In the other hand, goverment also must raising of lower age limit to wheeler and heavy vehicle licence to 21, give heavy penalty to who cause the accident and others. In the other, TV and other media also important to be effectively used for public safety.

Finally, the conclusion is everyone must have knowledge about road safety and work together to make sure better and safer road travel.

About Me

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

I will write about myself and also my family background...Insya'allah

My full name is Husna Binti Abdul Kadir. Now I studied at Selangor International Islamic University College at Bandar Seri Putra, Bangi. I'm 19 years old and I study in Faculty Islamic Acadamy Al Quran AsSunnah. Now, I was in semester 3, study at KUIS is the best part in my life. I feel yery happy because now I have many friends. They all very kind and always helping when I in trouble... I hope this friendship will stay forever, insya'allah.

I'm from Malacca , the one of Historic Town in Malaysia. I was born on 9 June 1992 at Asia Clinic, Malacca and lived there until my Spm exam. I live at Kampung Tanjung Bidara, Masjid Tanah Malacca. My village is very beautiful and interesting place. Now, my family and I have moved to Selangor and stay at Shah Alam last year. My hobbies are watching television and surf internet. I also like to reading book and sometime cooking. Insya'allah, after I finish my study at KUIS I want to further my study at overseas University.

I have a big family, my father's name is Abdul Kadir Bin Mohd Yasin. He died 10 years ago. After that, my mom take the responsibility to raise me and my other siblings. my mother's very couregous person because when my father died my older brother only 11 years old. So, everything my mom will do itself. My mother's name is Saadiah Binti Abdul Karim. She work as teacher. She is very lovely and understanding person. In my life,after Allah and Rasulullah s.a.w, my mom the important and I want her to always happy. Finally, last year my mom married someone. Alhamdulillah, now I have a stepfather, He's name is Hashim Bin Samsuddin, he very nice person.

I have 7 siblings and I am the third. First is my brother, his name is Haidzir and he 21 years old. his the older, and now he studied in mechanic at Shah Alam. Second is my lovely sister Hidayah and the forth is my younger brother's Helmi. My sister 20 years old and my brother 18. They are both studied at Darul Quran, JAKIM. The fifth is my only younger sister. Her name is Humairak and study at SMKA As Syarifah Rodziah, Melaka. Now she's 16 years old. The second last is Hasbullah. he 14 years old and now at SMAP Kajang, Selangor, while the last is Hambali. He 13 years old and study at MRSM Ulul Albab, Gemencheh.

Friday, May 6, 2011